Peruvian specialty

Peruvian specialty

Wantan with prawns or chicken filled served with tamarind sauce
The Wan-Tan is a very thin crust and filled, very common in the Peruvian cuisine

4,00 € (6 pcs.)
7,50 € (12 pcs.)
Taqueños /Spring rolls Aji de Gallina (Chicken paste) with cheesesauce
4,00 € (2 pcs.)
7,50 € (4 pcs.)
Yuca a la huancaina
Prepared with manioc and a cheese sauce and chili

4,50 €
Potato dumpling stuffed with tuna or chicken
Dough of potatoes mixed with yellow pepper stuffed with tuna or chicken
5,00 €
Choros á la Chalaca (Mejillones, Mussels)
Mejillones á la Chalaca, from the Peruvian cuisine, musselshell with mussels, onions and chopped tomatoes, beans and cooked corn, lemon juice.

5,00 € (5 pcs.)
8,50 € (12 pcs.)
Tamal with roast pork (belly) onion sauce
From ground corn and banana leaves
5,00 €
The Peruvian Ceviche is the traditional dish par excellence.
Ceviche is mixed fish or clams, boiled, lemon juice and salt; Generously seasoned with peppers, onions, coriander and parsley.
Cebiche fish (fresh fish of the day)
13,50 €
Cebiche Langostino (prawns)
13,50 €
Cebiche Mixto (fresh fish and seafood of the day)
13,50 €
Tiradito is a peruana dish made from raw fish, cut thin like carpaccio in a cold and acid chutney
Fish Tiradito
10,50 €
Salmon Tiradito
11,00 €
Anticuchos Skewers
The Anticucho is a Peruvian way of preparing the skewers, made of meat and other delicacies
Anticuchos from beef heart
11,50 €
Anticuchos from prawns
12,50 €
Anticuchos from fish
13,50 €
Anticuchos with marinated tenderloin and grilled aji panca
13,50 €
Anticuchos with marinated chicken and grilled Aji Panca
9,50 €
Lomo Saltado (Tenderloin)
Lomo saltado is a Peruvian recipe, to be more specific it is a fusion of Chinese cuisine with Peruvian cuisine.
13,50 €
Chicken Saltado
10,50 €
Tallarin Saltado with chicken or beef
11,50 €
Rice “chaufa” with chicken
6,50 €